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I have 25+ years of photography experience, and have shot properties for some of the city’s top realtors and brokerages, helping sell thousands of homes. My work appears regularly in the Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail and the National Post.

Toronto‑Pix has grown by providing the very best quality and great customer service. This accelerated growth has been driven by referrals, and has resulted in strong loyalty.

When I shoot a property, I imagine myself as the potential homebuyer, shooting in such a way that will make people come in to view the listing. I bring out the most interesting details, the best angles, the most engaging light, and the essence of the space. I make people feel like they could live there. So I don’t just take photographs, I help sell the house.

I go out of my way to delight my clients, and I always act in people's homes as I do in mine, with the utmost of respect.

If you need help getting your property sold, let’s talk.

Downtown Condos

under 800'


  • 20+ Photos

  • MLS/Treb approved Photo‑Tour
    With 2k and 4k photos, YouTube, Aerial and Walkscore

  • Photos cropped for MLS 1800x1200 pixels

  • Zip files for MLS and Print

  • Same Day Service

  • Book Now!

Small Condos

under 1500'


  • 25‑35 Photos

  • MLS/Treb approved Photo‑Tour
    With 2k and 4k photos, YouTube, Aerial and Walkscore

  • Photos cropped for MLS 1800x1200 pixels

  • Zip files for MLS and Print

  • Same Day Service

  • Book Now!

Condos / Houses

1500' to 2500'


  • 35‑50 Photos

  • MLS/Treb approved Photo‑Tour
    With 2k and 4k photos, YouTube, Aerial and Walkscore

  • Photos cropped for MLS 1800x1200 pixels

  • Zip files for MLS and Print

  • Same Day Service

  • Book Now!

Condos / Houses

2500' to 4000'


  • 50‑70 Photos

  • MLS/Treb approved Photo‑Tour
    With 2k and 4k photos, YouTube, Aerial and Walkscore

  • Photos cropped for MLS 1800x1200 pixels

  • Zip files for MLS and Print

  • Same Day Service

  • Book Now!



  • School/Park Photos

  • Feature Sheet/Brochure
    (for existing clients)

  • Branded Photo Tour



  • Website, Domain and Hosting

  • Feature Sheet/Brochure
    (Including 1st time design fee)

  • 905 Travel Fee



  • Twilight Shoot

  • Additional Shoot
    (It's free, if it's my fault)

  • Rush Service

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For Private Seller


+ Why should I use a professional photographer?

With 94% of home buyers starting their search on the internet you need to make your listing stand out with better photography.

The Wall Street Journal says that statistics show that up to $100,000 can be added to the sale price by using a professional photographer. Wall Street Journal

More and more studies are proving just how important professional photography can be in not just selling the property, but also marketing yourself.

By engaging Toronto‑Pix, great professional photography and fantastic presentation will help you get more for your listing.

Don't just take it from me! Read it here in the Wall Street Journal. Or here in the Chicago Tribune or New York Times.

+ I have a DSLR camera. Why not just use that?

Modern DSLRs are great, but unless the photographer knows how to use them well, they don't always take great real‑estate pictures. The wide‑angle lenses favoured for today’s listings can make the picture look unnatural. Each photo I take is checked to ensure that all of the verticals are vertical. There is no colour aberration. Exposure is even across the picture, and there are no dark or bright spots. The full‑frame camera takes great pictures, but its the post‑processing that makes professional images really stand out amongst the hundreds of listings.

This real estate report published in 2013 shows how there is more to pro photos than just a DSLR camera.

+ Why should I use Julian at Toronto-Pix?

The best quality, the best customer service and the best value for money!

I have 25 years of photography experience and a photography degree from one of England's top universities. I use professional, full‑frame cameras and the best architectural and wide-angle lenses. I have an artistic approach to interior design photography that really stands out on the MLS. Google Analytics shows that visitors view my photos again and again.

I'm told that my approach to customer service is unique among local real estate photographers. It comes from a long career working for some of the largest retailers in the world. The best way for a retailer to grow, is to exceed their customers expectations and I bring that approach to Toronto‑Pix. I go out of my way to delight both my clients and vendors.

+ How do I book a shoot?

Call me at 647 779 5016, or click the buttons above or just send an email to

+ How much notice is needed to book a shoot?

I recognise that sometimes it's difficult for agents to know too far in advance that contracts will be signed and a photographer will be required. However it's good to have some notice so that I can plan the shoot, look at the weather and anticipate the light. For this reason and for managing my calendar, I like 4 days notice.

I will, of course, always try and accommodate shorter‑notice shoots and frequently I can shoot on the same or next day.

+ How quickly can I have my photos?

Photos are usually processed on the same day as the shoot. Images and the Photo‑Tour are usually returned in the evening. In the past 3 years, photos have been returned by midnight 97.7% of the time. There can be a 12‑hour delay for weekend shoots, but I always let the client know in advance.

+ How and when do I pay for the shoot?

I'm very flexible and offer several ways for clients to pay. Payment is normally made at the shoot.

  • Interac eTransfer (within 12 hours of receiving photos)
  • Visa, Mastercard or American Express on location using Square Register and my smartphone.
  • Cash or cheque
Brokerages and busy teams can be invoiced monthly by prior arrangement.

+ Do you do packages other than the three listed above?

Yes! The prices above are a guideline and represent what's best for most clients. Call me at 647 779 5016 to discuss your requirements for photography, website design and desktop publishing, and I'll be happy to help and provide a quote.

+ Do you shoot video?

I create YouTube videos out of still photos and add them to the Photo‑Tour. It's a fraction of the price of true video and has all of the advantages of getting your listing on the front page of Google. YouTube videos can also be added to your own YouTube channel, if requested.

+ Why don't you print feature sheets?

I provide a PDF file that is ready for printing by any printer. I advise my clients to get their feature sheets made at a local printer because they are able to print very low quantities. Usually clients print 15 or 20 at a time for each weekends open house. I can recommend printers if required.

+ Do you do brochures, flyers and postcards?

Yes! I use Adobe InDesign to create feature sheets, brochures and postcards.

+ What resolution photos do you let me have and how do I download them?

All clients get photos at 640 pixels wide by 480 pixels tall for display on MLS/TREB. I also supply 2k (1920 x 1080 pixels for web and social and full resolution for print and press. When I meet a client I ask where the photos will be displayed or printed and I supply exactly what they need. I would rather supply multiple resolutions than let the TREB image re-sizing algorithm re-size them to ensure the best quality.

The client is sent links to download zip files so it's easier and quicker to get all of the pictures on their computer.

Other bespoke solutions can be arranged including DropBox, Google Drive or my own server here at Toronto‑Pix.

+ How do I upload my virtual tour to TREB / MLS?

Send the URL that you receive to Just include the full MLS number and property address in the subject line.

+ How do I remove my listing from Toronto‑Pix?

If your listing or property is on Toronto‑Pix and you'd like it removed, then just drop me an email at . Make sure you mention the full address and listing agent.

Julian Mendl
Toronto‑Pix Photography

47 Benlamond Ave. Suite 9
Toronto, Ontario
M4E 1Y8

P: 647 779-5016

Located in the Beaches, I can get to any shoot quickly, which means your photos will be back to you on the same day and the listing will be up sooner.

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